Amazing Aztecs

This particular slot game is a game which gives users the unique chance to head back in time with a journey to visit the Aztecs all whilst having the chance to win mega money in over 200 different ways.

More About the Software Provider

Amazing Aztecs is another successful slot game that has been designed and created by all of the tech experts at the software provider organisation, Win Game Development Studio. Although Amazing Aztecs is a slot game that was only released in earlier this year in May, it has, as of yet and looks like it will continue to do so, successfully followed in the footsteps of the hugely popular slot games Goldwyn's Fairies, Lucky Links and Temple Tut – other games which have been designed by those working for Win Game Development Studio.

Appearance and Sound Effects

The sheer enjoyment of playing Amazing Aztecs is a difficult experience to describe, however, the moment you click onto play the game, you will truly feel as if you have just casually hopped out of a time machine and found yourself transported back to 1300 AD. You will see in the background a backdrop which, through books and movies we have seen over the years, we have created a picture in our head of being what it was like in the Aztecs era.

This has also been cleverly implemented within the music, which provides users with a real sense of being back in the time in which tribes ruled the roost. Also, in an engaging way that allows users to fully enjoy the Amazing Aztecs experience, featured throughout the game are clever cartoon character graphics for the four characters – Hunter, Shaman, Chief, and Princess. In terms of symbols, they also reflect the overall Aztec feel of the game with the inclusion of orchids, lilies, hibiscuses, tiger flowers and marigolds.

Bonuses and Special Features

Part of the attraction of Amazing Aztecs is not only how simple of a game it is to understand and be successful in as a result of all of its paylines, but also how impress and potentially rewarding the one bonus they have on offer actually is.

Re-Spin – Okay, so here is that one and only bonus on the game that can be the difference maker between gaining winnings and gaining massive winnings. Amazing Aztecs provides users with an amazing Re-Spin which will subsequently be triggered should your winning combination symbol become highlighted. This will thereafter lead to the reels being refilled with the same symbol which will, inevitably, provide you with a guaranteed win!


Win Game Development Studio have listened to the views of slot users and, in this particular game, offered a total of six reels and a whopping 243 different ways in which you could collect some incredibly handsome winnings and rewards.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is compatible on mobile and can be easily accessed on tablet and desktop too.

Our Verdict

Rather simply, Amazing Aztecs is pretty much what it says in its title – ‘Amazing.' This slot game is an incredible opportunity to be guided back in time whilst in the process making some impressive winnings. So, what are you waiting for? Give Amazing Aztecs a go, and you won't regret it!