Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto is a lottery-style game which gives a playing experience that's more akin to keno or bingo than an online slot. It's made by a company called Gamevy, which is rapidly becoming known for its high-tech instant games, and depending on your stake size, the top jackpot can be worth as much as £1 million.

Boss the Lotto is a game that suits both low and high stakes players as it allows you to cash-out at any point or stick it out for the long haul in the hopes of taking home one of its star prizes. The betting range starts at £1 per game and goes up to £40, and you can play it on your mobile phone, tablet, desktop, or laptop. The rules are fairly simple; there are forty-three good balls and six bad balls, and if you want to keep the prizes rolling in, you'll want to pick the good balls and avoid the bad ones.

More about the Software Provider

Gamevy is a new and exciting online games developer that was formed as a start-up in London. It produces fresh and vibrant instant games and quiz show-style games that allow players to potentially win huge payouts. Samba Slots stocks many Gamevy titles including Diamond Deal, Epic Gems, and Spin Lotto.  Spin Lotto is a little different from Boss the Lotto as it lets you pick lucky numbers and a lucky star, the latter of which acts in a similar way to a wild symbol in an online slot.

Appearance and Sound Effects

Boss the Lotto uses high-quality graphics and an ambient electronic soundtrack that give the game a very modern look and feel. Each game uses forty-nine balls that are presented across six steps, each of which is lit up by a fluorescent blue trim. The colours of the balls change on each row too: numbers 1 to 8 are red; numbers 9 to 17 are pink; numbers 18 to 25 are lilac; numbers 26 to 34 are dark blue; numbers 35 to 42 are mid-blue, and numbers 43 to 49 are light blue. Technically, each ball is worth the same value unlike a slots game where the different symbols hold different paytable values. However, as we'll shortly explain, the potential prizes increase as you uncover more "good" balls.

At the top-left of the screen, the cog icon lets you view the rules, and enable/disable the music and sound effects.

Bonuses and Special Features

To begin playing Boss the Lotto, simply swipe or tap balls to find out whether they contain a pound sign or a black ball. If you pick a black (bad) ball, it's game over, but if you successfully locate six good balls, the "cash out" button at the bottom-right becomes available.

If you wish to claim your prize, you can do so, or you can continue to swipe balls to increase the cash out value. The meter on the bottom-left shows you the current value of the jackpot that's up for grabs, as well as how much the next ball is worth if it's a good ball. As you reach each new "Cash Out Point" on the meter, you have the chance to quit while you're ahead or keep going in the hopes of finding all forty-three good balls and claiming the jackpot prize.


As Boss, the Lotto isn't a slot but a casual game, there are no reels or paylines. Instead, the game uses a stage consisting of six steps which hold forty-nine number balls in total. The average RTP (Return to Player Rate) is 91.0%.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is designed to work with desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, and includes mobile-friendly game controls when played on mobile devices.

Our Verdict

Boss the Lotto can adapt to a variety of budgets, and offers a thrilling playing experience for fans of numbers, keno, and lottery games. If you're looking to try something other than our exciting range of online slots, we think you'll really enjoy this fun Gamevy title where you need to root out the good balls from the bad to increase your payout.