Cleopatra Plus

Cleopatra Plus is a thrilling slot by IGT that boasts a bevy of special features and big payouts. It's a five-reel game with forty paylines that can be played with as little as 40p per spin and as much as £100 per spin. It takes you on a journey across Ancient Egypt via its unique Level Up Plus Feature (which you'll also find in IGT's Wheel of Fortune On Tour slot).

In Cleopatra Plus, the Level Up Plus Feature permanently boosts the game's payback and unlocks extra bonus features as you gain followers and gain access to more deities. There are also stacked wild symbols that double the value of winning combinations, and can add as many as stacks of ten 2x wilds to any spin.

Plus, there's a Free Spins Bonus where you start off with five free games and a 1x multiplier, but as you unlock new locations on the Bonus Map, you start to benefit from rewards such as 5x multipliers, instant wins of up to 30x your bet, Super Spins, and last spin multipliers.

Appearance and Sound Effects

Egyptian instruments, drums, horses' hooves, and the sound of the wind blowing through the desert are the first sounds that you hear upon launching Cleopatra Plus. Next, you're met with a blood-red stormy sky which sits above a line of three ancient pyramids.

At the top of the reels, the game logo sits in between the current deity (on the left) and the Level Up Plus progress bar (on the right).

The paytable symbols are all inspired by Queen Cleopatra, and they consist of ankhs, scarabs, lotus flowers, the Eye of Horus, playing card symbols that are embellished with flowers, the game logo (which is an image of Cleopatra's partially veiled face), and six animal gods – a heron, a cat, a bull, a goat, an eagle, and a jackal. 

Bonuses and Special Features

At first, the gameplay may seem a little complicated, but once you've been playing Cleopatra Plus for a few minutes, things start to become much clearer.

One of the most important elements of the slot is the Level Up Plus Feature. There are eight levels in total, and the progress bar at the top-right of the game screen shows which level you're currently on as well as how many extra followers you need to reach the next level. Levelling up unlocks new bonus maps and free spins features which increase your payback. You earn followers by collecting the single, double and triple bonus symbols.

You may also be wondering what the Deity symbol at the top-left means. This is the Deity Picker, and it lets you choose which Egyptian god you wish to represent you. They are the same six animal gods which are used as paytable symbols. The first three can be used straightaway while Ra, Anubis, and Amun only become available from Level 4. Whichever deity you choose becomes the highest paying game symbol.

Queen Cleopatra is the wild symbol in the Cleopatra Plus slot, and she can appear in stacks of between two and ten anywhere on the reels. She comes with a 2x multiplier to enhance the pay awards, and she can substitute for any symbol except the three follower symbols.

It takes three Follower symbols to trigger the Free Spins Bonus, and remember that each Follower symbol that appears on the reels is added to the Level Up Plus progress bar. The single Follower symbol gives you one follower to place on the Bonus Map while the double and triple Follower symbols give you two or three followers respectively.

Depending on your current level, you can place your followers in Alexandria, the Nile River Valley or the Pyramids of Giza, and you can either spread them between multiple locations or put them all in the same place.

The Cleopatra Plus bonus initially gives you five free games and a 1x multiplier, but each location that you place your followers in also reveals an additional reward such as a number of super spins, a last spin multiplier, extra free spins, an initial bonus win, or a free spins multiplier.


Cleopatra Plus uses five reels, three rows of symbols, and forty fixed paylines, and has an average RTP (Return to Player Rate) of between 92.89% and 96.50%.

Mobile Compatibility

The game is designed to work with desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, and includes mobile-friendly game controls when played on mobile devices.

Our Verdict

The Cleopatra Plus slot is an excellent choice for those of you who like to take time to work your way through a game's special features. And, as you Level Up, you gain access to more bonus features and bigger prizes, giving you a reason to come back and play it as often as possible. It's also extremely rare in that it offers a potential top jackpot of more than one million times the coin value. So, why not pay a visit to the ancient pyramids of Egypt today, and see what riches you can find?