Golden Ball Roulette

Golden Ball Roulette is a brand-new interactive live dealer variant from popular manufacturers Extreme Live Gaming.

In this latest live dealer instalment, players can make use of the fun golden ball feature and tell the dealer when to release the special ball every 20 spins.  This is guaranteed to provide some sizzling and fast-paced gameplay.  If you're on the lookout for a new roulette experience, this is definitely worth checking out! 

This is a great gaming option for any roulette fans looking for a fun and competitive tournament-like atmosphere.

Golden Ball Roulette also comes with a brilliant jackpot prize that will be displayed in the game's lobby.  There will be a countdown clock showing how many days left until the next jackpot event takes place.  When the event finishes, the leader board showcases the top three roulette players and their total scores.   

About the Manufacturer

Extreme Live Gaming is one of the most popular manufacturers of live dealer games for the online casino market.  This manufacturer has now released a number of brilliant live casino titles and continues to showcase its ability to create world-class gaming experiences for both desktop and mobile platforms.  If you're looking to start playing on live dealer games, you will definitely want to check out Extreme Live Gaming.  This latest roulette variant is a brilliant tournament style roulette game that offers interactive roulette game variation with the special X-Mode feature.  That's not all; this brand-new live gaming title also offers a big jackpot prize event.  This is one of the first roulette variants we have seen with this feature, and it is highly intriguing.   

Appearance and Sound Effects

As with any Extreme Live Gaming casino title, players are treated to a fantastic glitch-free gaming experience.  The premium high-quality video stream can be altered to match your devices optimum settings and this title really captures the thrilling atmosphere of playing at a land-based casino.  The special golden ball feature helps keep gameplay moving and could net you a huge jackpot win!

Special Features

In this special version, one player will be tasked with activating the special golden ball feature, which will instruct the dealer to spin the ball.  In order to get the chance to spin the golden ball, you have to be the player who has bet the most until the next golden ball game starts.  

Another brilliant special feature on offer in this live roulette variant is that you can interact with the dealer and unlock special prizes.  The dealer can configure the turnover required by rank, the duration of the tournament and the prize amount available per rank.  All of the operators that run this game are professional and pleasant, and you'll love the sociable aspect of this particular gaming title.   

Playing on Mobile Devices

Players will be happy to find out that they can play on this brilliant live roulette variant wherever and whenever they want.  Golden Ball Roulette can be accessed on any mobile or tablet device.

Our Opinion

If you're looking for a fun and competitive roulette tournament to play in form the comfort of your own home, this is the perfect gaming option for you!