HI Lo Gambler

If you are looking for a quick, simple and easy to play game, the HI Lo Gambler from Samba Slots could be the perfect option for you. This game does not require any prior knowledge to play it, making it suitable for every type of player, and all you really need to do is hope that luck is on your side whilst you play! So, how big a risk are you willing to take for a massive cash win? Test out your luck today when you play the exciting Hi Lo Gambler game!

More About the Software Provider

The HI Lo Gambler game has been expertly designed and thought out to attract a wide range of players. This software provider has created a smooth, easy to play game that players will love to enjoy accessing while on the go.

Appearance and Sound Effects

Hi Lo Gambler is quite a simple looking game and players shouldn't be expecting to load up a brightly themed game with all the bells and whistles. In front of the black background, you will find lots of board such as Higher, Lower, Snap and so on so forth, all of which are in a bold orange font to make the standout.

Bonuses and Special Features

Hi Lo Gambler is a game that can appear to be quite confusing at first, but is actually incredibly easy to play once you get started and you get the hang of it! Before you start playing, you will need to decide how much it is that you are going to bet. The betting in this game ranges from as little as 50p up to £20. After you have done this the real fun then begins as two of the board will light up and you will be presented with a range of different betting options for you to choose from. The choice is completely up to you! You will then notice a card appearing on your screen, and this is the winning card that will determine whether or not you have won a cash prize!


There are no paylines or reels in this game.

Mobile Compatibility

Players will be happy to hear that this game is available to play across mobile devices. Play it on the go, whenever you fancy!

Our Verdict:

Hi Lo Gambler is a really exciting and fast-paced game that we think a lot of players will be really surprised by! This game provides a great relief from simply playing the same type of casino game repeatedly and not only will you have hours of fun playing it, but it also provides you with a tonne of opportunities to take home a big cash win. Don't miss out on the chance to play the Hi Lo Gambler game today at Samba Slots and see how much you can potentially win.