Reel King Mega

Most slot players have heard of the traditional slot game Real King but did you know there is a Reel King Mega slot game on the web?  This game from Red Tiger not only has all the traditional features that the original game has, but it has a lot more.  As well as the chance to win big on the mini reel game, you could also find random wilds popping up on your reels.  Play this slot that's fit for royalty. 

More about the Software Designer

Red Tiger Gaming was founded in 2014.  Its immediate success seen it expand in size to have a presence in both Europe and Asia.  You will find them standing behind a list of good reputable slot games such as Rainbow Jackpots, Lucky Wizard and Treasure Mine.  They seem to have brand new games launched at least once a month, and the popularity of their games is immense.  They have also released a few casino games and ones with a twist.  This includes conventional ones such as blackjack and roulette.

Appearance and Sound Effects

The sound effects and appearance of this game look very much like the original, and it is only when you start to play it, you will notice a difference.  The symbols include the standard J, Q, K and A but also are accompanied by Wilds, cherries, and gold bags full of coins.  The slot game is played with a standard red background with some attractive coins overflowing at the bottom.  If you are impatient and want to play the game a lot faster than normal, you have the option of pressing the turbo button at the bottom centre to speed everything up.  If you want to know what the value of all the symbols is then press on the slot information button at any time.

Bonuses and Special Features

There are 2 special features on this slot game.  The first one is the conventional one you would find on the original slot game.  When each reel spins and you here a noisy "ping" you could then open up the King on the right-hand side who will have his own mini reel.  This mini reel will continue to spin and bank cash until you have a losing spin.  At that point, it will disappear, and you are back to the normal game.  The second feature is the Kings Crown feature where randomly you will see the crown from the top of the slot fly down to a symbol and randomly change it to a wild.


There are 5 reels and 20 paylines on this game.

Mobile Compatibility

Whether you are playing on a mobile device or computer, the graphics and sounds are top notch.

Our Verdict

If you like the original game, then you will love this.  The additional feature they have added can be pretty rewarding if the random wildlands in the right slot.  You could play this game for many hours and not get bored.