Looking for a slot game that will, in the process, transport you to one of the most relaxing, sensual and soothing locations in the entire world? Well, Wai-Kiki, a sunny beech-themed game, will be able to do just that, whilst also giving you the chance to win big.

More About the Software Provider

Have you heard of the extremely popular slot games Siren's Kingdom and Blood Queen? Well, they have one main thing in common with Wai-Kiki – they were all developed by the technology whizzes at Iron Dog Studio. Following on from the success of the previous two games was always going to be a challenge for all the team at Iron Dog's Head Quarters in Brighton, however, in the shape of Wai-Kiki, they have more than done this and managed to pick up on a slot niche that people have been crying out for a long time.

Appearances and Sound Effects

Fortunately for users, by playing Wai-Kiki, this is both a needed get-away without needing to leave the vicinity of your screen and also a way to potentially win big. As a result of the soothing ocean backdrop and the calming sound of music in the background, this sets the scene for a nice and relaxed experience – unlike many of the tense and pressurised locations of the vast majority of other slot games.

Special Features

Looking for a chance to put yourself in the money and truly get the big bucks? Well, Wai-Kike comes with a vast array of amazing features and special bonuses that allow users to not only enjoy the relaxed vibe and mood of the game but make it a worthwhile experience too.

Free Spins – If users manage to land on one of the Free Spins symbols within the centre of the reel with a ukulele sitting on both sides, this will, as a result, give you a total of twenty-one free spins.

Turtle Bonus – Look closely for the Turtle Bonus if you are looking for a way to gain some quick winnings. So basically, the bonus happens if a wild symbol appears on top of a turtle whilst in the centre of reel three, it will thereafter turn into a scatter symbol in which you will be given 100-coin payout.

Fishing Hook Bonus – The Fishing Hook Bonus is a bonus that is guaranteed to make you want to get involved. In short, it is a bonus prize which is handed out if the turtle lands in the centre of the third reel alongside fishing hooks. awarded should the turtle manage to land in the centre of the third reel and has fishing hooks sandwiching it.


Throughout the Wai-Kiki game, there are 5 reels, and you can bet between a minimum of only 25p or a maximum of £100!

Mobile Compatibility

As of yet, Wai-Kiki is not available to play on mobile devices, but users enjoy the slot whilst playing it on a desktop.

Our Verdict

Wai-Kiki can be seen as a real fresh approach to slot games with the calm and soothing environment they have created as a result of its design. It is certainly recommended for those who enjoy the calm things in life and want a slot game that coincides with that.